Bulldog TR20 – Personal Tracker


The Bulldog TR20 GPS Tracker is one of the most highly featured GPS trackers available. With the Bulldog TR20 GPS Tracker you will enjoy battery life of up to 160 hours, in built phone with SOS function, listen in function to monitor the GPS local environment and geo-fences to name a few. The TR20 is great for lone workers or the elderly as it offers full “Man Down” functionality alerting a  pre-programmed numbersin the event that the person wearing the tracker falls to the ground.

Complete with FREE online tracking account, access to tracking information via smartphone app, SMS, website or calling plus being waterproof to IP65, the TR20 is great to take pretty much anywhere. Your TR20 will give you accurate location information and easy to view maps. The latest high grade GPS technology ensures that location information from the TR20 can be accurate up to 10m*.


Good to Know…

For a truly “just power it on” tracking experience the Bulldog TR20 is hard to beat. In 3 simple steps you’ll be up and running and able to track your your friends, family or caravan, car, motorhome, lugagge…

Step 1: Turn it On.
Step 2: Download the FREE tracking app from your favourite app store and log in to start tracking
Step 3: Ummm…. that’s it, it’s time to enjoy peace of mind tracking, 24 / 7

Unlike almost every other tracker where you need to buy additional wire’s, SIM cards, gizmo’s or gadgets to get up and running, the Bulldog TR20 has been designed with you in mind and includes everything needed to be tracking in no time.


  • Smartphone app: download the tracking app from your app store and track in real time**
  • PC: log in to our tracking portal for full details of where your family car, caravan, motorhome or luggage is and the history of your tracking
  • SMS: simply send your TR20 a text message and it will respond with full location details and a link to an online map giving a detailed location on a clear and simple map.
  • Call: simply call your tracker’s phone number and it will text you with full location details and a link to an online map giving a detailed location on a clear and simple map.

Be alerted if your loved ones move from a defined area. The TR20 not only lets you track your property, but can pro-actively alert you if it starts to move outside a predefined area called a geo-fence. Alerts are sent via SMS to your mobile phone number. Don’t worry about any complicated programming, Just send your tracker a simple text or use the smartphone app to set a geofence that’s it, you’ll be the first to know when your tracker is on the move.

  • Built in SIM card which accesses all compatible mobile phone networks across the UK and Europe.
  • Uses the very latest in GPS receiver technology, the TR20 can provide a location accurate to just 10m***.
  • Built in lithum battery to provide power to your tracker for up to 160 hours.

Low battery alerts. If your TR20 built in battery starts to run low, you will be sent an SMS alert.

Man Down. The TR20 uses inbuilt sensors to detect if the person wearing it has fallen down and after a preset period can send out an SOS to alert you that there has been a fall. You are then able to have a two way conversation with the person wearing the tracker.

Use the TR20 as a phone. Using a built in microphone and seapker, the TR20 can be used to make a receive phone call. Outbound calls are made by pressing the SOS button which is preconfigured with your desired phone number (easily changed).