Bulldog CT220 Trailer Door Lock


Bulldog CT220 Shipping Container Lock 5Yr Manufacture Guarantee

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Product Details

This highly effective Trailer Door Lock comes complete with Bulldogs highly developed Plunge Lock, which can be locked without the use of a key.


* For use on the rear doors of Schmitz Trailers that have concealed locking bars.

* Prevents the doors from opening by securing the overlapping door.

* Completely covers the door handle

* The lock incorporates a unique feature that allows it to be located behind the door mechanism, effectively blocking operation of the door.

* Easily moved from trailer to trailer, no fixings required.

* 50mm x 8mm case hardened steel, resistant to hacksaw and drill attack methods.

* Highly developed 10 pin plunge lock with anti drill centre pin.

* Over one million possible key combinations.

* Multiple locks can be supplied with the same key for fleet or multi user applications.

* Weight 3.2kg.